How do Independents feel about us? - Just Ask!
"I've been with Travel Experts for over 5 years now, and cannot believe how much being part of the TE "team" has helped me every day! - From asking for advice from other agents, to tracking my commissions, to getting education from a new supplier. I really feel proud to be affiliated with Travel Experts!"

"Affiliating with Travel Experts was the best business decision I've made in my 24 years in the industry. The support and resources are second to none, and over the last four years my income has literally doubled."

"The best business decision I have ever made was to be a part of Travel Experts. I have learned more and made more contacts in the 5 years that I have been a part of this company, than the previous 25 years that I was at a traditional travel agency."

"Travel Experts is a travel agent's dream....a complete package that can't be beat."

"I joined Travel Experts 8 yrs ago and what a difference it made in my life. My stress level dropped 50% working with such a class act and operation. They are the most organized and fair operation that I have been involved with in the Travel Industry."

"I cannot believe what a fantastic and well organized company and team Travel Experts is! The new adviser training program seems to have thought of everything. I am so excited to be a part of Travel Experts, and although "overwhelmed " is my baseline feeling these days and probably for the next few months, I know things will get better and help is there if I need it."

"Having been in the travel industry for 30 years, and an agency owner for 13, I can honestly tell anyone, that connecting with Travel Experts is the best thing I ever did... I love my job more than I ever did before."

"As a new member of the Travel Experts team, I am constantly thrilled with how wonderful it is. I have much more (support), and feel much more connected to my co-workers than I ever did in an office setting. It is the best thing I ever did."

"I just wanted to shoot an email out to you so say how much I am enjoying being a part of the TE family! I'm slowly getting my feet wet and the TE staff has been so gracious and helpful... You have put together quite a team and it is so nice to have that support as I return to the business and learn/re-learn so much! Thank you!!!"

"Becoming a member of Travel Experts, Inc. has been the most rewarding of all my career decisions."

"Travel Experts provides independents with the benefits of a larger retail agency - while allowing one to build and brand their travel business as they see fit. There is truly no better recipe for success!"

"My only regret is that I did not make the change years before. The real plus is having an owner and staff that are professional and have integrity."

"I am pleased and amazed at the amount of time, effort, and expense that TE put into encouraging their ICs to continue their professional development, and to grow and prosper. This is opposite of my experience with "hybrid" agencies, which generally put all their resources into their inside sales staff and view outside sales as a profitable nuisance"

Travel Experts - The Perfect Hosts™
Independent Travel Professionals 2018

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